How to Change the Battery in a Cadillac Key Fob

How to Change the Battery in a Cadillac Key Fob

The Cadillac key fob allows you to easily and effortlessly unlock your doors and trunk and start your vehicle remotely. While the key fob battery has a long lifespan, it will eventually need to be replaced. This is something you can do on your own, or you can stop into our service center at Thompson Cadillac in Springfield, and we’d be happy to take care of it for you. If you’d like to handle the replacement yourself, here is a brief tutorial on how to change the battery in a Cadillac key fob.



How to Open a Cadillac Key Fob & Replace the Battery

The good news is that most Cadillac key fobs from model year 2014 and later share a similar design, so you can follow the same basic battery replacement procedure regardless of make. The first step in learning how to change the battery in a Cadillac key fob is figuring out how to open the fob. Follow these steps to open your fob and replace the battery:

  1. Look for a very small release button on the side of the fob case. Press it to open the case, and you will see a metal key.
  2. Remove the key to reveal a small opening. Insert a small flathead screwdriver into the opening and gently separate the two sides of the case.
  3. Once the case is open, you’ll see the circuit board and battery.
  4. Remove the old battery, using the screwdriver, if needed, to pop it out.
  5. Like many automakers, Cadillac uses CR2032 batteries in their key fobs. After the old one is removed, snap the replacement battery in its place, being sure to face the positive side down. Our parts department can order a CR2032 battery if you need one in the Nixa or Ozark area.
  6. Now, simply snap the case back together, and the replacement is complete. It’s that easy! 

How to Know If You Need a Cadillac Key Fob Battery Replacement

A Cadillac key fob will typically give off some signs when the battery needs to be replaced. If you need to stand closer and closer to the vehicle to get a signal or you need to press any of the buttons multiple times before they will engage, a battery replacement should be a priority. In rare situations, a new battery may not do the trick, in which case there is likely a problem with the fob itself. If this occurs anywhere in the Republic area, visit us for service.

Need More Assistance Learning How to Change the Battery in a Cadillac Key Fob? Thompson Cadillac is Here to Help!

Don’t stress yourself out trying to figure out how to open a Cadillac key fob and replace the battery. Let our service team walk you through each step or take care of the replacement for you, quickly and easily. Schedule a service appointment today.


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