What is Good Mileage on a Used Car?

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Nixa shoppers trying to decide whether or not they should purchase a used car have a few factors they need to take into consideration. For example, they’ll have to look at the car’s mechanical and physical condition, as well as check the mileage on the odometer. While experts used to recommend avoiding a used vehicle that has over 100,000 miles under its belt, that’s not always the case anymore. If the car has been taken care of and maintained then it could still be a safe purchase. 



Ozark shoppers simply have to carefully consider the usage, location, and condition of their preferred pre-owned vehicle before committing to a purchase. Find out more about what’s considered good mileage for a used car with Thompson Cadillac below.

Tips for Shopping for a Used Car

Determining good mileage for used cars is an important step in the pre-owned vehicle purchasing process; however, there are a few other things you should take into account before buying: 

  • Maintenance: Check the maintenance history of the vehicle to ensure that it has been kept up to date on routine services like oil changes. Irregular service history can be a sign of expensive problems in the future.
  • Condition: Get a certified mechanic from our Thompson Cadillac service center to inspect the vehicle to determine if there are any issues, such as mechanical problems or rust, that will need to be dealt with. Figure this cost into your budget.
  • Location: Vehicles that have been driven in a locale that has a dry, warm climate, undergo less stress than vehicles from areas that have a cold, wet climate.
  • Usage: A car driven 75,000 miles in stop-and-go traffic will wear down sooner than one that has racked up 75,000 miles on the open highway. Make sure that you get the previous owner’s driving history before you buy.

Mileage vs. Age: What is Good Mileage on a Used Car? 

There is no perfect way to answer, “What is good mileage on a used car?” There are many factors. However, it’s best to think about how much mileage you’ll get out of a used car. A newer vehicle with high mileage may well be a better choice than a low-mileage older vehicle. Make sure to consider these two major factors when buying:

  • Fewer Miles, More Money: Low mileage vehicles often come with a higher price tag. 
  • Transparent Maintenance History: A vehicle with a well-documented maintenance history is preferable to one that has been neglected.
  • Frequency of Usage: A car that hasn’t been driven regularly will often have higher repair costs. Mechanical issues, or problems with rubber seals and gaskets, can develop if a car isn’t driven on a regular basis. 

For some Republic shoppers, a certified pre-owned model is worth considering if your goal is to purchase a like-new, low-mileage vehicle.

Purchase Used Cars at Thompson Cadillac in Springfield

There’s so much more to keep in mind during the car-shopping process than what is and isn’t considered good mileage for used cars. Here at Thompson Cadillac, we have a wide range of impressive pre-owned vehicles with a plethora of like-new features to choose from. Contact usto schedule a test drive of your preferred used car and make sure to browse our used vehicle specials to ensure you’re getting a deal that works for you!

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